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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

When - and how - does change take root?

For us the possibility of it was always hovering just below the surface, peaking out time to time, begging us to pay attention. Practically from the moment we met we spent time dreaming of another way to exist in the world. Though we came from different backgrounds we existed together in a state of privilege - a beautiful home, stable jobs, friends, time to relax. Yet, something in us was yearning for a different way of being: of being in the world, of being ourselves.

And that is what led us to this adventure together to leave our shared home (and our 9-to-5 jobs) in search of what the world has to offer and what we could possibly create if we allowed ourselves the time and space for reinvention.

We plan to spend 4+ months on the road, connecting with people we know already and those we are yet to meet, to explore different communities and ways of living. In a time filled with fear we want to encourage and participate in acts of creativity, love, connection, openness, generosity, and curiosity.

As we travel routes we know and those we don't, we will take time to update this website with photos, reflections, and original comics. Joel's the comic artist, Sara the writer (though we enjoy collaborating).

And - at the end - we hope to find ourselves ready to put down roots in a new community, a place we have yet to discover but believe is out there for the next chapter of our lives.

Two explorers, on the edge of adventure.

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